e-know KMS

Knowledge Management System

Knowledge management (KM) is the process of creating, sharing, using and managing the knowledge and information of an organization.

What is e-know?

E-know is an integrated Knowledge Management System for different organizations (manufacturing companies, services companies, schools, universities, etc.). E-know comprises of centralised libraries, a Learning Management System, and other key solutions to problems in gathering, storing, centralization, and transfer of the organization's internal knowledge (or know-how). We do not offer only a software product - rather an integrated Knowledge Management System for your company. Together with your team we plan, organize, configure and adapt the process of Knowledge Management, and the software tools that support it. Our customers' problems usually include the following:

  • knowledge is spread around throughout departments and is not centralized
  • internal know-how is not gathered, stored and transferred
  • knowledge is in people's heads and in files all across the organization
  • knowledge is hard to search and find
  • knowledge does not get to its destination on time
  • knowledge is lost when an employee leaves the company

You need us and our methodologies for dealing with the most common problems. Stop losing money and knowledge, contact us now!

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